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Library Card Policy

All residents of Arispie and Indiantown Townships may obtain a library card upon providing two forms of identification which bear their name and address. These forms include but are not limited to: driver’s license, recent utility bill, voter’s registration card, and real estate tax bill. Minor children (17 and under) will be required to have a parent signature to obtain a card.

Individuals residing beyond Arispie and Indiantown Townships, living beyond the boundaries of another public library, and having no property ownership within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Tiskilwa Public Library, may purchase a non-resident card for the annual fee of $60.00. Individuals must provide two forms of identification—driver’s license with correct address and voter’s registration card.


Accessibility Policy

The Board has adopted the following policy to assure that library services and programs are available to residents with mobility impairments who cannot enter the library, when they request such services.

  • The Tiskilwa Public Library will provide home delivery or curbside service of books, magazines, and other library materials to mobility impaired residents with valid library cards.
  • The Tiskilwa Public Library will publish the Accessibility Policy annually in the Bureau Valley Chief with contact information in the form of address, phone, and email.


Reference Service Policy

  • Reference service and access to the entire reference collection will be provided to patrons of all ages. In-house reference service is offered to all patrons regardless of place of residence.
  • Reference service is provided in response to all forms of inquiry, including telephone calls, mail, fax and email.
  • When reference questions cannot be answered in-house, the questions will be referred to other sources. Interlibrary loan services resulting from reference questions will be provided for patrons in good standing and with a current Tiskilwa Public Library card.
  • Patrons with homework questions will be encouraged to use the library resources themselves. Limited assistance will be given with homework.
  • Legal, medical and tax information will be provided from sources in the collection or on the internet. Sources will be indicated, but no personal opinions or interpretations will be offered by the staff.
  • Patrons doing basic research and genealogy research will be assisted as much as possible, but library staff cannot do the research for the patron.
  • Fees will not be charged for in-house reference service. The patrons may be charged for fees that are charged to the library from referral sources. Whenever possible, the patron will be advised of this cost before the referral is made.
  • The staff will serve patrons courteously, impartially and with confidentiality.
  • This reference policy will be made available to the public.
  • This policy will be reviewed and updated every three years or as needed by the staff, the lead librarian, and the library board.


Library Materials Fines & Fees Policy

  • A fine of ten cents ($.10) a day, except Sundays and holidays, will be charged on each library item excluding videos/DVD’s not turned in on the date due. No fine shall exceed the replacement cost of the item. No library item will be checked out to a borrower incurring a fine until that fine is paid.
  • If an item is not returned on the date due, the patron shall be notified within a week.
  • The Library shall charge the following fees:
  • Laser printing, copying, color copying and faxing services are also available for a small fee.
  • Black & White Prints and Copies – 0.25 per page.
  • Color Prints and Copies – 0.50 per page.
  • Fax – $2 for the first page; $1 per page after that. 
  • Lamination – $1 per 8.5×11.4 laminating pouch; 0.50 per 4×6 laminating pouch.
  • The money collected from fines and fees shall be used for the library’s incidental expenses.
  • The checkout period for videos and DVDs shall be 7 days. The library overdue fine will be $1.00 per day/per item. No library item will be checked out to a borrower incurring a fine until that fine is paid.


Rules of Conduct

  • The Board of Trustees believes that patrons of the Tiskilwa Public Library have the right to use the library materials and services without being disturbed or impeded by other library users; that patrons and staff have the right to a secure and comfortable environment; and that patrons and staff have the right to materials and facilities that are in good condition.
  • Any behavior that is disruptive or that hinders use of the library is prohibited on library property. This includes, but is not limited to, loud or boisterous behavior, verbal or physical harassment, running and congregating in large groups.
  • Deliberate obscene or vulgar language will not be tolerated. Patrons using such language will be asked to leave at once.
  • Police will be called immediately in case of any physical assault.
  • Failure to leave the library premises after being asked to do so will result in the calling of the authorities.
  • Smoking and Vaping are not permitted in the library.
  • Firearms are not allowed in the library.
  • Proper attire is required in the library. Shirt and shoes must be worn.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are on library property. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible caregiver at all times while on library property.
  • Children who are 12 or older may use the library unattended. Children, when left alone, must be able to contact a responsible person in case of an emergency.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises.
  • The library is not to be used as a day care service.
  • Loitering inside or outside of the library is not permitted.
  • Proper care of library materials and furnishings is expected of all patrons. Theft, vandalism and mutilation of library property are criminal offenses, and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Rollerblades, skateboards and other sports equipment are not permitted in the library.
  • Check out all materials at the circulation desk.
  • The library is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  • The library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks and other items.
  • The library has the right to deny use of the library to those violating library rules and to deny future library privileges.
  • No soliciting on library property of either employees or patrons.


Computer & Internet Policy

All users are required to read the Computer/Internet Use Policy and sign the agreement form. Children under 18 are required to have an Internet use permission form signed by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must come to the Tiskilwa Public Library to sign the form. Parents are responsible for the use of the Tiskilwa Public Library computer’s even when they are not present.

Public computers are not secure and should not be used to transfer financial and other personal data. The Tiskilwa Public Library is not responsible for the misuse of personal information entered on websites.

Patrons are limited to a one hour usage time period. If other patrons are waiting, the time limit may be reduced to 30 minutes.

Tiskilwa Public Library has no control over the Internet, therefore is not liable for anything obtained from the Internet. Be aware, that information from the Internet is not always true. Users may not access the following area/topic on the Internet:

  • Pornography and adult topic areas
  • Chat group or chat lines
  • Criminal activity areas

Non-Resident/Cardholder users may use our internet and computers. To use our internet, they will need to provide an ID and read and sign the Computer and Internet usage agreement and sign in at the circulation desk.

Violation of this Internet policy could result in suspension of computer/internet use. Consequences include:

  • First Time Offense – May not use the Internet for 4 weeks
  • Second Time Offense – Loss of privileges

Saving and Printing: Users may only save information to a computer thumb drive. You may not save any information on the computer. You may print appropriate material from the Internet. The cost is .20¢ per page for black and white and .50¢ per page for color. Users are prohibited from:

  • Violating any of the Library’s policies
  • Using the wireless network to participate in illegal activity
  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials
  • Intentionally sending, receiving, or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene, pornographic, harmful or disruptive

Illegal acts involving the Tiskilwa Public Library’s Wireless Network may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities. The Tiskilwa Public Library has a registered Domain Name. Use of our Network can be traced.


Social Media Policy

The Tiskilwa Public Library (TPL) utilizes various social media tools to present matters of interest to patrons and others. The following is intended to inform users of the policies for posting comments and other information on all Tiskilwa Public Library social media websites/pages.

We welcome posts and comments from our patrons and others interested in engaging with Tiskilwa Public Library. However, our social media sites are not intended to be public forums and the comments and discussions that take place on these sites will be moderated by Tiskilwa Public Library for compliance with this policy and for compliance with a specific social media site’s terms of use. The posts and comments expressed on these sites do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Tiskilwa Public Library.

Tiskilwa Public Library reserves the right not to post or to remove any comments, photographs, links, or posts that it deems to be inappropriate, including:

  • Posts containing personal attacks, insults, profanity, obscenity, threatening language, or harassment;
  • Posts that discriminate against specific individuals or groups on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or any other unlawful reason;
  • Spam and commercial posts;
  • Content that violates a copyright, trademark, or any other law;
  • Private, personal information about an individual, group, or entity published without consent of that individual, group, or entity;
  • Comments that are not relevant to the original topic, and
  • Content in support of or opposition to political campaigns or ballot measures.

The Lead Librarian or his or her designee reserves the right to deny access to any/all of our social media sites for any individual who violates this policy or applicable laws, at any time and without prior notice. Further, Tiskilwa Public Library reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, without notice.

Please be advised that content or posts on our social media sites that relate to Tiskilwa Public Library business may be a public record subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act and retention under state records retention laws.

Tiskilwa Public Library is not responsible for the content or verbiage posted on any social media platform or external website.


Public Participation Policy

At Library Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

At each regular and special open meeting, the members of the public and library employees may comment on or ask questions of the Board, subject to reasonable constraints.

Due to Open Meetings Act restrictions, action may not be taken on items unless they are already on the agenda, but action may be deferred to a later date.

The individuals appearing before the Board are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Address the Board only at the appropriate times as indicated on the agenda and when recognized by the Board President.
  • Identify oneself by full name and address and be brief. Ordinarily, such comments shall be limited to 5 minutes. In unusual circumstances, and when the person has given advance notice of the need to speak for a longer period of time, such person may be allowed to speak for more than 5 minutes.
  • The Board President may shorten or lengthen the person’s opportunity to speak. The President may also deny the opportunity to speak to a person who has previously addressed the Board on the same subject within the past 2 months.
  • No more than 20 minutes shall be allowed to each subject under discussion, except with unanimous consent of the Board.
  • The Board President shall have the authority to determine procedural matters regarding public participation not otherwise defined in Board policy.

Petitions or written correspondence to the Board shall be presented to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


Community/Meeting Room Use Policy

At Library Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

The Tiskilwa Public Library Board of Trustees, in allowing a group or individual the use of the Library Community/Meeting Room, does not therefore, endorse or advocate any position taken by that group. Advertisements or announcements implying such endorsements are not permitted.

The Tiskilwa Public Library Board of Trustees offers use of the Library Community/Meeting Room for cultural, educational, civic, or social purposes.

Priority of Use

Library related meetings or programs of Tiskilwa Public Library;
Not-for-profit educational, cultural, civic or social meetings/gatherings;
For-profit and /or meetings


The Library Community/Meeting Room may be reserved by anyone, but residents of Tiskilwa Public Library District have priority. The Community/Meeting room may be available for use each day of the week during normal business hours and/or until 9 pm. The library staff determines the availability of the room as library related meetings or programs always take precedence.


  • Typical Use – $50.00 deposit (refundable) and a donation of $50.00 at the time of each reservation.
  • For-Profit Use – $50.00 deposit (refundable) and a donation of $100.00 at the time of each reservation.

Reservation Procedures

  • The Library Community/Meeting Room is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • To reserve the room, an individual, or group representative must schedule the event in person at the Library.
  • The individual or group representative must read the Library Community/Meeting Room use policy, and complete a Reservation form, be at least 18 years of age, and be in good standing with the Library.
  • The person who signs the Reservation Form now becomes the responsible party, and is liable for all policy violations.


  • Anyone using the Community/Meeting room will not leave children unattended (without direct adult supervision) at any time during use.
  • Decorations or any other materials are NOT permitted on the walls or ceilings. NO confetti, glitter, etc. as a decoration may be used.
  • Food and beverages are allowed in the Community/Meeting Room; however, NO SMOKING, NO FIREARMS and NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are permitted anywhere in the library building.
  • The individual or group using the Community/Meeting room is responsible for clean-up after their event. The tables and floor will be clean of food and debris. All garbage will be bagged up and is to be removed and taken by the renter. All tables and chairs will be returned to their original place. The library is NOT responsible for ANY clean-up after room use by any individual or group. The carpet MUST BE VACUUMED. There is a vacuum available.
  • The person who signs the reservation form will be held responsible for reimbursing the library for any damage to the room, furnishings, fixtures, equipment, and/or cleaning services needed. Library staff will inspect the room after each use. The Community/Meeting Room Committee makes the final decision as to the condition of the room after use.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual or group representative to arrange for the room to be locked/unlocked after library hours.

Community Room Inventory

1. Refrigerator/Freezer
2. Vacuum
3. Coffee Maker
4. 4 -8 ft tables, 4 – 6 ft, 4 – round tables
5. 42 chairs
6. Projector


The maximum capacity is 50-60 people.